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5 Ways You Can Make Your Fleet Management Business More Profitable

26th Aug 2022
5 Tips That Will Help to Increase Your Fleet Management Services

What is fleet management? Well, fleet management is an essential component of the transportation business that helps the transporters to handle fleet business effectively. Maintaining fleet management manually through pen and paper has long been practiced, and let's accept that managing fleets is not easy. Most transport & trucking companies often face unavoidable challenges. While fleet management can be a cumbersome process, handling them better with some workarounds can work as a way for the transportation business to improve.

So, if you are in the logistics business and wondering how to improve fleet management services, you are at the best place. Here in this article, we will discuss the 5 ways to help you grow your fleet business with the right fleet management system.

Before we begin, let's try to know what challenges Fleet Managers face with Logistic Fleet Management.

From staying affirmed with vehicle compliance to inefficient route planning and substantial fuel expenses, there are many challenges that a fleet manager needs to counter. Here we have listed some of the top problems that logistic companies face.

Tracking Fleet Charges: Most fleet business managers fail to estimate the accurate truck trip cost and spend more. Tracking various charges incurred during a trip for multiple vehicles is not an easy job, and it requires a lot of time & resources to keep track of them. Thankfully, a fleet tracking system is available that helps the fleet owners/truck drivers estimate the total trip cost.

Managing Paperwork and Documentation: In fleet services, managing the paperwork of every truck and documenting all your trips is the most tedious job. Fleet drivers often find it challenging to provide the truck documents & the vehicle details when asked. And, as a transport manager, to avoid unforeseen situations, fleet drivers need 24X7 clear visibility on the documents for all your vehicles in a single place; it includes truck owner details, insurance renewal, parivahan e-challans, and more. However, these days as the transportation industry is shaping with technological advancements, it's entirely possible to get all your vehicle data automatically stored in a single place for easy access.

Difficulty in Tracking Vehicle Location: Tracking vehicle location is important for any logistics fleet management business. Though it's possible to implement GPS tracking in all your truck vehicles, it may seem expensive. While running a transport management company, clients often ask you about the exact freight location. Though you can contact the truck owner to know the vehicle details, there's no way to verify if your truck driver is sharing the right location with you.

Improper Route Planning: An improper route for truck trips can make your freight delivery expensive. Due to a lack of the correct data, transporters schedule the vehicle routes inefficiently. No matter how experienced a fleet manager is, keeping track of all crucial details isn't easy. And not having access to automated route planning can cost more for the fleet managers, who might remain unaware of the best route for their trips. So, having proper route planning can make a huge difference. With the proper route scheduling, fleet business owners can avoid poor road conditions ensuring shorter travel distances for their fleets.

Fuel Tracking: Fuel waste and theft is one of the major concerns that logistic businesses face regularly. Unplanned stops, unfavorable road conditions, and bad driving behavior increase fuel expenditure for your freight. But now, it's easy to keep track of fuel usage and prevent drivers from doing fraud to ensure zero wastage with strict compliance. Yes, fuel tracking can be done with hardware and diesel cards.

How can fleet management be improved?

Fleet Management System is the One-Stop Solution for all your fleet needs. Transporters can use the automated processes to manage truck fleets and handle complete fleet operations smoothly. And thankfully, there are several fleet management solutions tailored by technology that help to improve the logistics fleet business to grow profitably. Fleet Management solutions give you access to accurate data that allows the transporters & fleet drivers to track the fleet anytime, anywhere.

One such fleet management system is TransportBook, a perfect fleet management system to maintain Transport Khata for Suppliers & Truck Drivers and improve fleet services. So, replace your Transport register by securely adding the trip information on our FREE Fleet Management App & start managing fleet services on the phone!

Here are some impeccable ways of using TransportBook to improve fleet management services & grow the logistics fleet business.

  1. Automatic Data Integration: Manually entering the data into truck registers / khatabooks is always hectic as it's challenging to keep track of and leaves a lot of space for human errors resulting in missing or delayed payments from suppliers and fleet drivers. Thus, having the right fleet management system to maintain truck fleet management professionally is the one-stop solution. Truck owners and fleet drivers can use this free App to maintain party / supplier / driver khata. Adding Trips on India's best App for trucks and container lorries, TransportBook provides automatic entry of all the recorded truck trips and their expenses in Khata. You can add all your truck trips online with driver & vehicle data, truck hire cost, advance amount, and loading/unloading freight charges. This free fleet management app allows you to add all your fleet drivers and manage driver payments, Bhatta, driver book & record daily truck expenses for every trip. Using TransportBook, truck drivers can also maintain their shop khata and record the payments with mechanics, repair, servicing, spare parts shops, diesel pumps, etc.
  2. Use Trip Cost Calculator: Optimized routes can make a huge difference in how much profit you can make from your fleet business. Many logistic companies still depend on a manual route planning process, which lacks real-time visibility over road conditions, road maintenance schedules, toll costs, diesel costs, etc. So, when it comes to making your logistics fleet management profitable, routes have a significant role. So, Automate Route Planning using the "Trip Cost Calculator" by TransportBook is the perfect solution to ensuring the fleet's fastest delivery. Using Trip Cost Calculator, fleet drivers can access the best and cheapest routes before starting the journey with the total trip cost. Transporters can pick the cost-effective routes ensuring the fastest delivery of the fleet and helping you SAVE BIG from your fleet business.
  3. Save on Fuel Expenses: Trucking companies often complain about Fuel waste and theft. So, simply using a fuel tracking system can keep track of your fuel expenses and avoid fuel theft. Start using "Diesel Cards" by TransportBook, the best fuel tracking system to help transporters and fleet owners keep track of all fuel expenses and prevent fleet drivers from committing fraud.
  4. Handy Transportation Tools: Using the "Truck Documents" feature, Transporters and Fleet Owners can keep complete track of essential documents for all the trucks added to the App. It gives you access to Parivahan E-Challans, truck insurance, fitness certificate, National Permit, Road Tax details, blacklist details, Pollution certificate, truck registration certificate, RC Permit, and more. You can get document expiry alerts for all the truck vehicles added.

That's not all! There are many other features available that are essential for a transporter and a truck driver. You can use "Loading Slip" to create a loading slip while loading the truck so that the fleet delivery can be prompt as promised. Use "My Reminders" where we will remind you everything about your truck so that you never miss a payment, document renewal, or maintenance payment. Use "Request Load on WhatsApp" where you share your truck on WhatsApp and get more loads.

Now that we know what fleet management is, the common challenges that fleet managers and logistics companies face & how to solve them, what are you waiting for? Start using TransportBook, a single software platform for all your fleet management to track fleet charges, maintain driver / party / supplier khata, make transport payments, and estimate trip cost, all in a single place. This free-to-use transport management software can help you avoid all these issues and manage your truck fleets effectively.

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All in one transport app for trucking & logistics companies that provides a simple & easy transport management system for fleet business.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Fleet Management Business Growing