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Know Vehicle Info by Number for Trucks | Vahan Registration Details

Know Vehicle Info by Number for Trucks | Vahan Registration Details

Vahan Info, India's Best Vahan Info App designed by TransportBook is an easy to use mobile app where truck owners & transporters look up information about Truck vehicle details by number plate. We make it easy for any Transporter & Fleet Owner to trace vehicle owner name by vehicle number with just a few clicks. Whether it's Vahan vehicle information or Vahan E-challan status or Truck Black List details, you can now get everything on a single Vahan Info App.

Why are Vahan Vehicle Details Important for Transporters?

Identification of vehicles is an important step in many scenarios. Choosing the right truck driver for the transportation of your goods & services is very important for a transporter company. In the Transportation Industry, all transporters & fleet owners need to be ensured that they are choosing reliable Truck drivers for their goods transport services. Hence, it's becomes necessary for the transporters to get hold of the Vahan Vehicle Information that can really put all your worries in the past.

So, when you are creating any truck trips to supply the goods from one destination to another, checking out the information about truck & getting Vahan status would help you in many ways and can avoid thefts or harm to your goods.
Vahan Info App by TransportBook is your go-to app when you want truck owner details wherein all the Vahan vehicle details are collated and made available for transporters, fleet owners and truck owners.

The Vahan Information App from TransportBook App is designed to be simple & easy for every transporter & fleet owner to use & fetch vehicle details by number plate. It's a free service that can be used to confirm a Parivahan vehicle details of a truck with just a few clicks.
Vehicle owner info gives you helpful data about the vehicle that could come in handy during accident and rash driving cases.
This Vahan portal will get information about a truck like,

  • Model & Fuel type of the Truck
  • Blacklist Status of the Truck
  • Vahan RC Status
  • Tuck Vahan Insurance Details
  • Truck Registration Details
  • Pollution Expiry Details
  • E-Challans Issued for the Truck
  • Name of the Vehicle Owner
  • Address of the Truck Owner

This Free App that provides vehicle info by number can also be called as RTO Vehicle Information App by the transporters since it provides all the information about a truck vehicle. TransportBook has made it easier to trace truck details by number online.

Now that you know how important it is to get Parivahan vehicle details, and for you to fetch truck details by number plate, you need to know the truck number. Vahan (Vehicle) number plates are a combination of alphabets and digits that give your vehicle an individual identity and register you with the RTO (Regional Transport Office) by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
The process of finding the vehicle number of a truck is extremely simple and easy through the Vahan Number Plate. Vehicle Number Plate connects everything about the Vahan info & the owner information that you need.
In vehicle Number plate, first 4 letters (e.g. KA05) represent the state and city RTO office details, and the last 4 letters are your vehicle number. For any commercial truck vehicle, Vahan Number plate will be AB06 CD 1234, which can be used to get Vahan vehicle information.

TransportBook, India's best Vahan Info App, makes it easy for transporters & fleet owners to look up information about truck.
Vahan Info makes transporters, fleet owners & truck owners happy. Use this app to search for truck owners' information with just a few clicks. The following steps will guide you to check the vehicle details by number plate online,

  1. Enter any truck number to find Vahan vehicle details from mParivahan
  2. Click on the "Find"Button.
  3. All truck owner details about the searched Vahan will be displayed on the screen.

FAQs about using TransportBook (RTO Vehicle Information App)

1. Can I find Vehicle owner details by number plate?

Yes, you will be getting complete information like Truck Owners Name including vehicle’s make and model.

2. Can I find Vahan Insurance details using TransportBook?

Yes, you can get the truck insurance details by just entering Vahan registration details.

3. Can I check Vahan RC Status for the truck vehicle?

Yes, transporters can get Vahan RC Status by using this Free Vahan Info App.

4. Is it possible to find the complete address of the Vahan owner using the registration number?

Yes, using TransportBook's Vahan Info App, it's possible for a transporter to keep a check on the address of the vehicle owner.

5. Is it legal to trace vehicle owner name by vehicle number?

Yes, it is legal to track vehicle details by number plate & use the information.

6. Can I get the contact number of the truck owner?

No. Due to privacy reasons, the contact number is not made available on the Vahan portal. You can only find the name of the truck owner and other vehicle-related details.


We are not affiliated to any RTO authority of India / Ministry of road transport and highways in fetching Vahan status for commercial vehicles. All truck owner details shared in the app are publicly available on the official Vahan portal (mParivahan website). The goal of Vahan Info App by TransportBook is to provide complete truck details for the Transporters at one place with very less efforts.